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Riviera Direct Leafleting, for all your leaflet and sample distribution needs across South Devon.

                                               Rates & Services

If you are planning a leafleting campaign you are likely to be looking for quick, affordable direct marketing.  Leaflet distribution takes your message straight to your potential customers. Working with Riviera Direct Leafleting is effective and most of all straightforward.  You choose WHAT you want to deliver, WHERE you want to deliver and WHEN you want to deliver – we do the rest, it’s that easy! If you are unsure about the WHAT, WHERE or WHEN we can help you with that too.  Just give us a call or drop us a line and we can provide you with information that will help you make those decisions.

Details on Services 

Leaflets or samples can be delivered on a Shareplan or Solusplan basis. We also offer a Hand to Hand option and even personal presentation. Shareplan is by far the most cost effective and popular form of advertising.  This means that your leaflet will be put out with no more than three other leaflets from non-competing companies.  Unlike free newspapers the leaflets are not inserted into publications or delivered with a leaflet from a similar company.
Solusplan distribution is more expensive due to the overheads involved in taking out teams of distributors to focus on one leaflet.  However, if it is imperative to you that your leaflet goes out on its own, then we offer this service.

Hand to Hand leaflet distribution allows you to select the exact activity locations which have the highest yield of your target audience, the most opportune timing for the leaflet delivery and a well-presented introduction to the nature of the promotion. As such, distributing your print material or samples directly into the hands of your customer is generally the most targeted method of delivery which will produce the greatest results for the majority of businesses, products or services.

Shareplan - Your leaflet or sample delivered alongside no more than three other leaflets from non-competing businesses: £35 per 1000 (average price)

Shareplan Plus - Your leaflet or sample delivered alongside just one other leaflet from a non-competing  business: £60 per 1000 (average price)

Solusplan - Your leaflet or sample will be delivered on its own, meaning that it will not be competing with anything else that goes through the Letterbox: £95 per 1000 (average price)

Magazine Delivery - We also offer magazine and newspaper delivery starting at just £60 per 1000 (average price)

 Prices may vary upon types of properties and delivery area. Our Shareplan Plus and Solusplan services are subject to availability


Hand to Hand - Leaflets or samples are directly handed to individuals on the streets in towns and cities, either static (including from a stall if provided) or mobile: £12.50 per hour (an additional fee might be required if a local authority licence is required to Hand to Hand leaflet certain areas)

Personal Presentation - Sometimes it works better for your business to be personally presented to a customer. In other words instead of your leaflet would not simply be dropped through a letterbox, but actually handed to a potential customer along with an verbal introduction. For example we might promote an electrical business along the lines of, 'Hello, I'm just letting you know about a new electrical business in the area. More details are provided on this leaflet, but do call if you need a quote or further information, or simply keep it near the phone for future reference' : Our price for this service is just £75 per 1000. 


Reliability at No Extra Cost

Whatever service you choose, we random check a household in each road after delivery on the selected route to ensure leaflets have reached their market audience. We believe this proves to work better than GPS which is used by some of our competitors, as  it is possible an unscrupulous leafleter might just drive the route, therefore registering on the GPS, but not actually delivering any leaflets. We believe our direct approach is the best method and provides better assurances for our client.