Riviera Direct Leafleting

Riviera Direct Leafleting, for all your leaflet and sample distribution needs across South Devon.

                                                              Employment Opportunities

Leafleting can be a great way to earn an additional income, meet new people and at the same time keep fit. From time to time we have vacancies for reliable, conscientious and hardworking people to join our teams of distributors on a self employed basis.

Obviously there are other forms of sales and delivery based ways of obtaining additional income. However, you cannot really gauge the income you are going to receive from these, and with some companies you even have to buy brochures and promotional material. In addition to this, there is the paperwork side of things to consider, completing order forms, handling cash, working out percentages, returning faulty and unwanted items, and in some cases having to go to and from customers or potential customers to collect catalogues or deliver goods, because they are out. All this can take up your valuable time.

With leafleting distribution, you work the hours which suit you. We pay up to £40 cash per 1000 households delivered, so you know exactly how much you are going to be paid once the leaflets are delivered. No returning to customers houses, no completing order forms, just let us know the roads you have delivered to so we can carry out our random checks, and three days later, you receive the cash directly in your hand!

If you are interested in joining the Riviera Direct Leafleting team please contact us for further details.